Pictures of my schleich

Here is taco’s new halter!
Here is three of my bareback pads, the one on the right broke when I was taking it off but I’ll fix it!
Here’s the other three of them.
Snickerdoodle is jumping onto Alice!
Smokey is going to the lovely little river. This was the only picture I took outside because it was 55 degrees, so I was very cold!!!πŸ₯ΆπŸ§Š

Please go check out my channel schleich and art girl. Thank you for reading this post bye!

Sorry I’ve not been active on wordpress!!!

I am so sorry I have not posted in such a long time!!! I’ve been more active on YouTube than wordpress so i thought I’d do a longer post today to make up for all the days i missed.

Right now I’m actually making some schleich stuff so I’ll show you some pictures!

Ummm… it did not turn out how i wanted it to! Lol!
Heres my little tack stand with a saddle and a bridle on it!

I plan on making a breyer video on YouTube soon.😁

Also, thanks for 25 subscribers on YouTube!!! I’m pretty sure i have 25 followers on WordPress too. Please go check out my channel called “schleich and art girl” i would really appreciate it!

I have an drawing video on of how to draw a pumpkin! Hopefully I’ll soon have another one. I will try to finish my “the wild horse” videos on my channel. I just haven’t because of the weather it was either cloudy and it didn’t rain or partly sunny and it did rain and i want to have better light outside to do it so you can actually see it.

To be honest i thought being a schleich YouTuber would be easy! Well, i was wrong! Because if you upload alot you should keep you stable up so you don’t have to take it down then set it back up again because thats REALLY annoying.

Anyways i will end the post here and I’ll hopefully post more! Bye!!!πŸ™‚

Watch my channel “Schleich and Art Girl” on YouTube

I am so happy to have a YouTube channel now so far the only thing i have on is schleich videos but there will soon be some art and craft videos just comment on this post what you would like to see!

Schleich truck and trailer review 😁😁😁 part 2

Ok, I’m so sorry it would not let me put anymore pics on that post so heres the rest.

Here’s the driver he actually sits in the truck and holds on to the steering wheel! I named him justin.
And here I tried to recreate the picture on the box. I think I did pretty good!

Schleich truck and trailer review 😁😁😁 part 1

I received the schleich horse club truck and trailer for my birthday and I LOVE it so I made a review.πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

Heres the truck its a really pretty burgundy color and the doors open, the tailgate opens, and the hood opens.
This is the back of the trailer.
The gray pieces open so the horses can get in.
Here you can store the bridle and saddle.
And this is the front of the trailer.
Here is the horse. I named her dark cherry πŸ’ she is a friesion mare and she has braids in her tail.
Theres also a blanket and a halter.
Here is the groomer girl I named her Angela.
These are the tiny brushes there is a curry comb (blue) and a body brush (black)
Heres a hay bale and some carrots.

Storm my cat

Storm is from my black cat and his mother is… hmmmm… i have no idea we have waaaayyyy too many cats. I also have no idea who his father is either. So anyway he is probably one of the youngest tom cats around at this point that i know of there might be some around here that i don’t see very often. Here he is.

Storm doesn’t like the camera. πŸ˜”πŸ˜•πŸ˜¬
There… finally a pic of his face didn’t think i was gonna get one. πŸ˜€πŸ™‚πŸ™ƒ

I will try to get some schliech horse pics up soon, but right now we are very busy getting ready for shows.

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